OCBC Workforce & Economic Development Committee Recap

OCBC’s Joint Workforce and Economic Development Committee virtual meeting  on Tuesday, March 31st featured guest speakers who provided insight and resources from their respective institutions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including:  

Allison Dembeck, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dembeck explained the major topics and provisions listed in the CARES Act, including: who would deem eligible for unemployment benefits; relief methods for businesses; and employee sick leave and exemptions. 


Nina Boyd, Orange County Department of Education (OCDE): Boyd shared that most courses and curriculum across the entire education system have successfully transitioned to distance learning. However, schools must take different approaches of teaching based on grade level. 


Letitia Clark, South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD): Clark stated that tutoring services and the school libraries are fully available online, and the schools are providing as many resources as necessary to ensure the underserved student population receives the technological support they need to equitably learn from home. 


Michael Dennin, University of California, Irvine (UCI):  Dennin shared UCI efforts on developing COVID-19 therapeutic treatments, the best practices for remote learning such as a full fall curriculum for students who are unable to travel and future hybrid classes.


Greg Saks, California State Fullerton (CSUF): CSUF is providing additional support to students online such as a Veterans’ Center Zoom line, online workshops, and virtual meetings with academic and career advisors, Saks said. 


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