OCBC’s Legislative Scorecard Keeps Tabs on Job-Killer Legislation Made in Sacramento

OCBC has taken positions on major bills that effect business development throughout the state, and will be tracking and advocating these positions during the 2013 Legislative Session as part of the annual legislative scorecard. The 2013 Legislative Scorecard will be released at the end of the current session and will score the success of the major bills tracked, along with the voting record of each member of the Orange County Legislative Delegation.

Listed below are the key bills OCBC will track and score as part of the 2013 Legislative Scorecard:


AB 5 (Ammiano) Homelessness – OPPOSE
AB 53 (Perez) Labor Code, Relating To Economic Development – SUPPORT
AB 713 (Wagner) Corporations Code, Relating To Securities – SUPPORT
SB 751 (Yee) Transparency in Local Government – SUPPORT


AB 116 (Bocanegra) Subdivision Map Extensions – SUPPORT
SB 391 (DeSaulnier) Permanent Source of Affordable Housing – SUPPORT


SB 300 (Hancock) Education Code, relating to instructional materials – SUPPORT
SB 441 (Calderon) Education Employment: Certificated Employees – SUPPORT
SB 594 (Steinberg) California Career Pathways Investment – SUPPORT


AB 10 (Alejo) Minimum Wage: Annual Adjustment – OPPOSE
AB 113 (Blumenfield) Amendment to Budget Act of 2012 – SUPPORT
AB 667 (Hernández) Land Use: Development Project Review: Superstores – OPPOSE
AB 1272 (Medina) Government Code, Relating To Economic Development – SUPPORT


AB 203 (Stone) California Resources: Coastal Development Permits – OPPOSE
AB 227 (Gatto) Proposition 65: Enforcement: Chemical Listing – SUPPORT
AB 541 (Daly) Vehicle Code, Relating To Buses – SUPPORT
AB 823 (Eggman) California Farmland Protection Act – OPPOSE
AB 976 (Atkins) Coastal Resources – OPPOSE
AB 1257 (Bocanegra) Public Resources Code, Relating To Natural Gas – SUPPORT
SB 395 (Jackson) Hazardous Waste: Wells – OPPOSE
SB 658 (Correa) Water Code, Relating to Water – OPPOSE
SB 731 (Steinberg) CEQA Modernization – SUPPORT


AB 880 (Gomez) Medi-Cal Program Costs: Large Employer Responsibility – OPPOSE
AB 975 (Wieckowski and Bonta) Health Facilities Community Benefits – OPPOSE
SB 626 (Beall) Workers’ Compensation Cost Increase – OPPOSE
SB 747 (DeSaulnier) Public Health Impact Report – OPPOSE


AB 401 (Daly) Public Contract Code, Relating To Highways, and Making an Appropriation – SUPPORT


AB 59 (Bonta) School Districts: Parcel Taxes – OPPOSE
AB 188 (Ammiano) Property Taxation: Change in Ownership – OPPOSE
AB 486 (Mullin) Sales and Use Taxes: Exemption: Manufacturing Research and Development – SUPPORT
AB 561 (Ting) Revenue And Taxation Code, Relating To Taxation – OPPOSE
AB 769 (Skinner) Oil Severance Tax Law – OPPOSE
AB 1326 (Gorell) Sales and Use Taxes: Exemption: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manufacturing: Income Taxes: Credits: Hiring – SUPPORT
SB 365 (Wolk) Income and corporation taxes: credits: information and operative time period – OPPOSE
SB 376 (Correa) Sales and Use Taxes: Personal and Corporate Income Tax: Manufacturers’ Credit and Exemption – SUPPORT
SB 434 (Hill) Personal income and corporation taxes: hiring credits: enterprise zones, LAMBRAs, manufacturing enhancement areas, and targeted tax areas – OPPOSE
SB 622 (Monning) Taxation: Sweetened Beverage Tax: Children’s Health Promotion Fund – OPPOSE
ACA 8 (Blumenfield) Local Government Financing: Voter Approval – OPPOSE
SCA 3 (Leno) Taxation Educational Entities: Parcel Tax – OPPOSE
CA 7 (Wolk) Financing: Public Libraries: Voter Approval – OPPOSE
SCA 9 (Corbett) Economic Development: Special Taxes: Voter Approval – OPPOSE
SCA 11 (Hancock) Special Taxes – OPPOSE

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