OCBC’S Workforce Development Committee hosts Campaign for College Opportunity

On June 16, the OCBC Workforce Development Committee hosted the Campaign for College Opportunity (CFCO) to meet with business leaders, non-profit organizations and educators to assist in developing a higher education plan for the state of California. CFOC’s goal is to create a higher education plan to submit to Gov. Brown that provides clear direction and goals to increase college going and completion. This plan would reflect the diverse needs of today’s students and responds to workforce needs to close the persistent opportunity gaps between different groups of students and ensure investment in higher education works for students and the state.  Committee members including OCBC Board member Michael Hornak consulted with CFCO on accountability, affordability, completion and access to better assist students with graduating, entering the workforce and contributing to the economy.

According to an analysis released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, over a full working career, total earning of the average college graduate exceeded those of a high school graduate by more than $1 million.  While the cost of tuition has skyrocketed over the last decade, an investment in higher education is still considered worthwhile.

CFCO is working with thought leaders throughout the state to provide input on the framework for the new plan. Ideas generated from the meeting will be added to leading voices across California to strengthen the plan before it’s presented to Gov. Brown, Legislative leadership and college leaders as part of their campaign to ensure action on key recommendations. The meeting in Orange County was the sixth city on the tour thus far with the most participants by far.

“The Listening Tour” will do the following:

  • Share statewide and regional context for higher education in California
  • Share the plan far and wide
  • Strengthen the plan through questions and constructive feedback so that it can be presented to the Governor and Legislature in Summer 2014
  • Build on-going support for the plan such that participants are ready to push local leaders to support it
  • Re-connect with existing partners and meet new partners who can support on-going efforts to improve student success
  • Engage regional media to report out on local college performance measures and the call for a statewide plan
  • Kick-off the next ten years of the Campaign’s work

For more information, contact Alicia Berhow, Vice President, Workforce Development and Advocacy.

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