Ontario International Airport Authority Takes Historic First Steps

Ontario International Airport Authority met Monday for the first time to elect officers and begin planning for the initial operation and management of the Ontario International Airport. The meeting was a historic moment and first step towards negotiations with Los Angeles World Airports for greater local control of the Ontario airport.

OIAA Commissioners elected Ontario City Council Member Alan D. Wapner as President, San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt as Vice President and Riverside Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge as Secretary. Other members of the Authority are Ontario City Council Member Jim W. Bowman and Orange County Business Council President and CEO Lucy Dunn.

OIAA’s first meeting came following the release of a report by Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana recommending Los Angeles negotiate for the transfer of ONT to the OIAA. That report and its recommendations were approved by the Los Angeles City Council on October 10, 2012.

The report asserts that a transfer of ownership could foster the regionalization of air traffic and encourage economic growth across Southern California. Placing local control over ONT gives both airports the ability to grow, as ONT struggles with decreasing passenger traffic over the last decade and LAX struggles with congestion and lack of modernization of its runways and other facilities.  CLICK HERE for Gary Toebben’s, LA Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, first-hand account on an international flight into LAX.

The effort to gain control of the airport is now backed by more than 125 local governments, elected officials, businesses, civic groups and regional planning organizations, such as the Southern California Assn. of Governments.

In other actions, the OIAA Commissioners:

  • Appointed Ontario City Manager Chris Hughes as Interim Executive Director of the Authority.
  • Created a subcommittee consisting of Commissioners Bowman and Dunn to develop a preliminary business plan for the initial operation and management of ONT.
  • Formed a subcommittee consisting of Vice President Ovitt and Commissioner Loveridge to develop bylaws, policies and procedures for the overall operations of the OIAA and procedural guidelines for the Commissioners.
  • Received a staff report related to required filings with the Secretary of State, preparation of a Conflict of Interest Code and other filing requirements.

The OIAA will meet on the first Monday of each month, and the next meeting will be November 5, 2012.

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