Orange County Business Council Responds to State Budget Proposal: Get It Done!

IRVINE, CA —   The Orange County Business Council (OCBC) looks to the silver lining on the proposed budget deal – there is one.  Under the leadership of Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders of both parties it appears there’s an attempt at a framework for a real solution for California. While the tax increases in a troubled economy grow concerns, they do not target any one industry sector, but are levied on most businesses and are proposed to be temporary.

“Most important to the business community, the proposed budget has serious economic stimulus—which we love–including enhanced public-private partnerships, design-build authority, streamlined environmental review and incentives for transportation and other projects that create jobs now when we need jobs the most,” stated President and CEO of OCBC Lucy Dunn.  “The government efficiencies proposed are long overdue.”  California also looks to receive its federal tax dollars at a time they need it the most as the federal economic stimulus comes to light.

“Look, we know the tax part of this proposal is ugly but the state is out of money, projects are being halted everywhere,” proclaimed Dunn. “The legislature is out of time and the business community is out of patience. We urge both Republicans and Democrats to vote yes, and Governor Schwarzenegger to sign it.  Then all must continue the long-overdue work needed to create jobs, attract business to this state, further real regulatory reform and turn California golden once again.  Get it done!”

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