Orange in the New Green: Disney Keeps It Green

Disney has a reputation of going above and beyond in every aspect of its business and the effort that the Disneyland Resort has put forth to preserve the environment is no different. In 2006 they announced a set of ambitious long-term goals to reduce environmental impact and inspire employees, business associates and consumers to take action for the environment. These goals included the reduction of green house gas emissions, energy and electricity use, landfill waste, water use, and their product footprint. 

 The Disneyland Resort has reported improvements in all of these categories since 2006 exceeding many of their expectations. Their electricity consumption decreased by 6.6% by 2010 and is continually falling with the constant development of new, innovative ideas that produce renewable energy sources. The resorts solid waste sent to landfills had also decreased by 44% by 2010 using initiatives such as recycling, reuse, composting and donations. The parks converted their railroad trains to run on processed cooking oil from their restaurants saving approximately 56000 gallons of diesel fuel a year. And when Disney started production on their new “World of Color” show the resort collaborated with the Orange County Water District to conserve the 15 million gallons drained from Paradise Bay. The water was sent through a Groundwater Replenishment System to be stored in an underground basin and when the time was right the purified water was used to refill the lagoon. The Disneyland Resort is continually improving their efforts to preserve the environment for future generations and in 2009 they were recognized with California’s most prestigious environmental honor: the Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award. This award recognized all of the efforts that the Disneyland Resort has put forth in their committment to going green. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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