For nearly 60 years, Allergan has been committed to the health, well-being and safety of the people who put their trust in the company’s products. This dedication extends to not only the people who benefit from their products, but also to employees and to the global community. They have been tracking sustainability performance for several years and made significant progress towards improving their performance and going green. Allergan has developed and implemented strict environmental health and safety sustainability goals to ensure a healthy and safe environment for employees and communities alike.

Allergan met its planning period goal of reducing GHG emissions by 5% for its R&D and manufacturing operations using 2005 as the baseline year with more than a 10% reduction over the five-year period. Along with a reduction of emissions Allergan has implemented projects and reduced the total energy consumption by 10% by 2010 vs. 2005 and also increased its recycling rate from 29% in 1995 to 71% in 2010. Their aggressive efforts to go green have earned Allergan a number of awards and in 2010 earned them the USEPA Energy Star certification for the Waco manufacturing facility and three administrative buildings in Irvine as well as a California Waste Reduction Award. These efforts show that Allergan is a company committed to going green and preserving the environment for the global community.

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