AT&T’s Code of Business Conduct puts their values into action not only here at home, but across the entire globe. This code is more than a set of rules it’s the standard by which they work and a guide to help them make the right decisions that affect the company and the community. The health and safety of the environment is of the upmost importance to AT&T and their efforts to go green and reduce their carbon footprint have been extensive. With effective recycling, waste, energy, and fleet management AT&T has become a green company that is committed to preserving the environment.

In 2010, AT&T collected more than 3.7 million cell phones for reuse and recycling and saw an increase of more than 17 percent through in-store Reuse and Recycling program that brought in almost 1.8 million pounds of batteries and accessories. They have also made efforts on the front end of the cell phone life to ensure that their products are more environmentally sustainable and have developed more energy efficient chargers with most of their devices. AT&T strives to recycle 95% or better of all the material they obtain through reclamation processes and they recycled more than 56.9 million pounds of aluminum, plastic, lead, steel and copper last year. As well as recycling and waste reduction strategies, AT&T carefully manages green house gas emissions leading to a 4.3% reduction of fleet GHG emissions compared to 2009. These extensive efforts to preserve the environment earned AT&T the Environmental Leadership Award in 2010 and ranked them #1 in Green Carrier Matrix in 2009 which measures companies promoting environmentally friendly, clean technology. These progressive reforms and careful enactments show that AT&T is a company committed towards going green and preserving the environment. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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