Orange is the New Green: Bentley Prince Street Sets the Standard

Bentley Prince Street is rapidly becoming recognized for its industry-leading sustainability practices as well as for its design-leading products. The company’s pursuit of sustainable commerce is accomplished through examining, improving and innovating in every area of the business, including manufacturing processes and product design. Bentley Prince Street avidly promotes sustainable practices, and has adopted a Mission Zero goal. Bentley Prince Street’s Mission Zero goal is more than surface appearance; it’s a genuine belief that is built into their business model. Mission Zero is a commitment to eliminate any negative impact their company may have on the environment by the year 2020. It’s an underlying corporate value, ensuring that business decisions are weighed against the potential impact on the economic, natural and social systems they touch. It’s a means for Bentley Prince Street to deliver superior value to their customers and to their shareholders.

All of Bentley Prince Street products are certified to meet the requirements of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus test protocol. This independent testing program measures harmful emissions as well as chemical concentrations allowing consumers to identify low emitting products and keep their indoor air quality at healthy levels. Bentley Prince Street is also committed to eliminating waste in all areas of their business. With the ultimate goal of diverting all carpet products from landfills they developed a QUEST program (Quality Utilizing Employee Suggestions & Teamwork) which identifies, measures and reduces waste. An additional benefit to their waste elimination activities is the $62 million in cumulative avoided costs which will help finance new green technologies and equipment. Bentley Prince Street leads the interiors product industry in energy renewability and efficiency. 100% of the electrical energy used at the Bentley Prince Street facility in City of Industry is made renewable through a combination of green tag purchases and electricity that is generated from their own on-site solar panels. Bentley Prince Street is continually looking for new avenues to expand their green effort and preserve the environment proving that their Mission Zero goal of eliminating all negative impacts on the environment by 2020 is a sincere goal that they will be sure to accomplish.

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