Orange is the New Green: Boeing Soars to New Heights of Sustainability

In the past five years Boeing has become a role model for environmentally friendly transportation. Boeing’s forward thinking approach called Design for Environment includes analyzing a product’s environmental footprint over its operational life cycle. Boeing flies annual demonstrator airplanes to accelerate emerging technologies designed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce noise and assess sustainable materials. Boeing has also taken a leading role in accelerating the development of sustainable biofuels. As a participant of the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2006, Boeing was recognized for the third consecutive year as the 2011 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index. Boeing has received environment awards and recognition from a number of local, national and international organizations.

Boeing has reduced CO2 emissions by 7 percent since 2007 and reduced energy use by 4 percent. Boeing has reduced operational hazardous waste by 19 percent since 2007 and reduced water intake by 12 percent. In addition to improving 31 percent since 2007, as their waste is now diverted from landfills through a combination of recycling, composting and energy recovery programs. At Boeing’s largest operations around the globe IN Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, there has also been increased improvement in total footprint emissions. Overall Boeing’s efforts to improve the efficiency of the global transportation system will provide significant environmental benefits in the future. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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