Orange Is The New Green: Chase Invests $6.7 Billion in Renewable Energy

JPMorgan Chase recognizes that economic growth and rising living standards fundamentally rely on the abundance and vitality of the planet’s resources and ecosystems. They acknowledge this by employing their knowledge and capital to help the clients, customers and the communities they serve respond to the environmental sustainability challenge. JPMorgan Chase is improving and managing the environmental impact of their company by expanding their use of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and practicing green building, recycling, and water conservation.

Since 2003, J.P. Morgan Chase has invested or arranged $6.7 billion of tax equity capital in renewable energy projects. This has led to the development of 67 wind farms representing over 6,500 megawatts which can power close to 1.9 million homes annually, and represents more than 16% of total installed wind power capacity in the United States. J.P. Morgan Chase has also developed 13 solar sites including 12 solar photovoltaic projects and the largest solar energy project built in more than a decade. In 2008, JPMorgan Chase committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2012 compared to 2005 and are currently well on our way to achieving that goal through green construction including a renovation of their global corporate headquarters. JPMorgan Chase is undertaking what may be the world’s largest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum renovation of an existing building at its corporate headquarters in New York City where they plan to install tinted windows that reduce heat gain in summer; HVAC systems optimized to run only when necessary; building materials sourced locally whenever possible, high efficiency lighting and much more. JPMorgan Chase is a company aware of the importance of preserving the environment and has consistently improved its operations while promoting a greener lifestyle for workers and consumers alike. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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