Orange is the “New” Green: EZ Lube Supports Environmental Protection

Automotive oil that is improperly disposed of from a single oil change can contaminate up to one million gallons of fresh water. EZ Lube has taken the initiative to change this catastrophe. EZ Lube supports EPA environmental initiatives by practicing used motor oil recycling.

EZ Lube recycles 98% of all used automotive fluid products such as motor oil, transmission fluids, and power steering fluids received at all 82 locations. EZ Lube also has a waste management program which includes contracts with federally licensed waste oil and fluid haulers that transports fluids to off-site recycling centers. Oil products are stored in the basement inside OSHAUL rated steel tanks. This is in accord with EPA guidelines. EZ Lube accepts used motor oil from the public for no charge.

EZ Lube works with EPA, OSHA, ADEQ, Earth 911, and Automotive Recyclers Association to implement these new environmentally friendly policies and recycling standards. These environmentally friendly standards are good for EZ Lube and for the automobile community who need to maintain their vehicles and periodically dispose of used motor oils and automotive fluids.

OCBC applauds EZ Lube’s commitment to promoting an environmentally friendly society and keeping the environment clean. For more information, contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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