Orange is the New Green: HDR Engineers Green Solutions

HDR Engineering is a firm that embodies vision and innovation not only for the services they provide for their clients, but also the services they provide to protect the environment. The main goals of HDR’s 2012 Strategic Plan are to reduce their environmental impact and help employees learn how to integrate sustainability into their project work. All of the company’s actions are guided by the principles of creating credible and positive environmental, social and economic benefits for the communities where clients and employee-owners live, work and play.

With these principles HDR has reduced fossil-fuel use, water consumption and waste generation while providing their clients with a number of effective programs to meet their own sustainability goals.

More than two decades ago HDR formally established a Sustainable Solutions Program tasked with integrating sustainability into all of the company’s business practices. This early adoption of sustainability has allowed HDR to employ and train sustainability specialists in most areas impacting the built and natural environments. These experts are leaders in climatology, natural resources, renewable energy, LEED, commissioning, measurement and verification and community planning. With this knowledge HDR has been able to ensure that their company operates on the highest level of sustainability while providing clients with high-performance solutions that are not only good for the environment, but also good for the community and for their businesses. HDR Engineering is a company that recognizes the value of environmentally responsible practices and is committed to reducing their environmental impact and the impact of their clients. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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