Orange is the New Green: Kimberly-Clark Launches “Secret Swap”

Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s Scott Naturals is launching a new program that invites consumers to conduct operation “secret swap,” switching from their traditional rolls of bath tissue and paper towels to Scott Naturals rolls. Scott Naturals makes paper products that are made with at least a 20 percent blend of recycled and virgin materials in products or packaging, which enable them to deliver the performance consumers expect and enable them to take a green step. The Secret Swap program encourages consumers to secretly swap out their current bath tissue and paper towels with Scott Naturals to see if their family will notice the difference. Scott Naturals has had a strong commitment to developing solutions that deliver strong performance plus environmental benefits, and this commitment has helped them become a category leader and the fastest growing brand in environmentally-conscious bath tissue and paper towels.

Kimberly Clark is certainly proud of its subsidiary. Brenda Nelson, Director of Business Planning and Sustainability for Family Care, said “Scott Naturals has the potential to establish a leadership position in the use of alternative fibers such as bamboo and algae for consumer bath tissue which could lead to other businesses and brands also innovating in this space and driving sustainable change in our industry.”

Kimberly-Clark does not believe that Scott Naturals is the only way to produce environmentally sustainable products. Kimberly-Clark’s Family Care business has set a long-term goal to replace a significant amount of wood fiber in tissue products with alternative fibers by 2025. Many different alternative fibers are being investigated including bamboo, algae and agriculture waste like wheat straw and corn stover.

Kimberly-Clark continues to build on their leadership in more eco-friendly paper products since two years ago, when Kimberly-Clark became the first U.S. tissue maker to offer branded consumer tissue products that meet the rigorous sustainable sourcing requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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