Orange is the New Green: Ralphs Integrates Sustainable Practices

Ralphs is committed to reducing their impact on the environment and improving the lives of their customers, associates, and the communities they serve. Ralphs associates have been working hard to integrate sustainable practices into their everyday business operations and have made great strides reducing water consumption, practicing energy conservation, reducing fuel consumption, and initiating effective recycling programs.

Ralphs has replaced all of their 2,500-plus retail grocery stores with the most energy-efficient lights possible and installed motion sensors in all of them, greatly reducing their energy consumption.

They have also initiated reforms to their fleet management, improving miles per gallon by adjusting engine idling times and gear speed settings, reducing the weight of new trucks by nearly 900 pounds, and incorporating super trucks and backhauls that enable the combining of loads and greatly reducing the number of trips that their 1,350 truck fleet travel per year. In their pursuit of greener business practices Ralphs has strongly encouraged their customers to do their part by offering reusable shopping bags that decrease the use of paper and plastic bags in all of their stores across the U.S. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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