Orange is the “New” Green: Sunpower Solar Power System Saves $46 Million

SunPower Corporation built a 916-kilowatt solar power system in Riverside, California for the Western Municipal Water District. This sun soaking system is expected to save the water district up to $4.6 million over the next two decades. Western contracted with SunPower to install the SunPower T0 Tracker® system, which follows the sun’s movement during the day increasing sunlight capture better than conventional fixed-tilt systems.

Western’s General Manager John Rossi is more than happy with the new system saying, “Hosting solar power systems is an easy, affordable choice for Western. With an estimated $110,000 per year in savings on electricity from the new system, this investment will help hold down our rates for the services we provide to our customers.”

Howard Wenger, SunPower President of regions, is excited to be partners with another water agency saying, “Water agencies are uniquely suited for solar power systems, as they often have significant energy demand and underutilized, sun-exposed land. SunPower has worked with almost 30 water agencies across California to help them meet their financial goals while supporting renewable energy development.”

According to information provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Western’s new system is expected to avoid 944 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year – which is equivalent to removing 3,560 cars from California’s roads over the first 20 years of the system’s operation. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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