Orange is the “New” Green: Toshiba Committed to a Greener Planet

Toshiba’s commitment to protect the global environment is one of the company’s top priorities. Through their environmental management structure they are able to assess the impact of their business activities, products and services on the environment. In the U.S., Toshiba utilizes a multi-pronged approach to environmental management. Regular meetings with environmental management representatives and regulatory staff, dialogues with stakeholders, employee education and training, and environmental site audits help ensure that they meet their environmental commitments.

Toshiba is determined to help mitigate the effects of global climate change, pursuing innovative approaches that provide stable sources of renewable energy. Using hydroelectric, geothermal and solar power generation, Toshiba is doing their part to meet the objective of a greener world. Along with the pursuit of renewable energy sources Toshiba has focused on developing innovative Eco-Products for their consumers. Their assessment of each step of the manufacturing process, from procurement of materials and production through end-of-life disposal, is scrupulous and ensures the highest level of environmental performance for all of their products. Toshiba has also proven to be a company determined to maximize recycling efforts, not only in their own work environment, but everywhere, partnering with government and private sector organizations to make it easier for customers to recycle and donate used electronics. Toshiba is a company aware of the importance of preserving the environment and has consistently improved its operations promoting a greener lifestyle for workers and consumers alike.

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