Orange is the New Green: Waste Management Reuses Waste

The Waste Management Company has continually been on the forefront of sustainability with its dedication to recycling, but recently has decided to increase its exploration in sustainability further. Over the years, Waste Management has made investments to put the waste to reuse. In some case, that means recycling, while in other cases that means creating energy. Waste Management’s Think Green Program has been a commitment to itself to continually invest in renewable technologies. Like wind and solar, landfill-gas is a renewable source of energy endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency as an alternative to fossil fuels, like natural gas, coal and oil.

At about 130 disposal sites, Waste Management uses naturally-occurring landfill gas to power homes and businesses. Using landfills, Waste Management produces over 550 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power more than 440,000 homes. This amount of energy is equivalent to offsetting over 2.2 million tons of coal per year. Just recently, Waste Management developed the technology to convert landfill gas into a fuel that the Waste Management fleet vehicles can run on. The Think Green Program has resulted in not only new environmental technologies, but economic success as well.

In total, combined with Waste Management’s waste to energy operations, they produce more renewable energy than the entire solar industry in the United States. Waste Management promises to keep to its commitment of expanding its sustainability resources in the coming years, and has already fulfilled previous commitment with its Think Green Program. For more information contact Katherine Reedy, Director of Communications.

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