Orange is the New Green

Lennar Corporation, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is one of the nation’s leading builders of quality homes for all generations. Lennar’s Everything Included Homes allow new homeowners to save money, while bringing them into the future of energy sustainability. With some of the finest green technologies available on the market today already built in upon purchase, Lennar leads with top of the line service in saving both customer’s money and the environment.

The latest improvements of solar panels, high efficiency ENERGY STAR® rated water heaters, refrigerators, and dishwashers lead to better energy efficiency.

With more efficient dishwashers, programmable automatic irrigation systems equipped with rain-sensors to avoid unnecessary landscape watering, and cost-efficient tankless water heaters, Lennar improves water efficiency. Lennar utilizes many ENERGY STAR® products that increase homeowner’s savings, while helping to preserve the natural environment of Orange County.

Lennar’s continual goal of matching quality with innovation at a reasonable price will continue to bring them future success as a corporation. Lennar’s dedication to building quality homes with the top of the line eco-friendly technologies make them one of the most ambitious yet reliable home builders in America. To take a closer look at the new green Everything Included Homes CLICK HERE.

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