Brief: Flexible permitting standards and procedures can deliver increased development certainty or economic feasibility to developers during the entitlement process delivering housing product to the local market faster and with a potentially reduced cost and market price.

Description: Permit issuing procedures and entitlement approval processes do not necessarily have to be static and unyielding to market conditions or local necessity. If the permitting process is unreasonably costly or time consuming for various projects, jurisdictions could develop flexible permit issuance programs. These programs can reduce the pre-development costs of a developer and impact the final market price of the housing product. They can also reduce the time that the proposed housing product is constructed and delivered, bringing tax revenue to the city earlier than expected as well as quickly brining new housing units to the market.

City of Anaheim Economic Stimulus Package for Residential Development, Anaheim, CA
As part of an economic stimulus package in early 2008, the City of Anaheim created a program where impact fees usually collected prior to the issuance of a building permit will be collected following occupancy and not upon construction. The new approval process also includes incentives for Green building components (such as energy efficiency), reduced discretionary review times, and more flexible time periods for conditional use permits, tentative maps, plan checks, permit cases.