Brief: A ground lease or trust model provides an opportunity for a home purchase price typically 70-80% of the price of comparable products in the same housing market.

Description: Community Land Trust holds title to land but can sell structures on it, with buyers agreeing to long-term, low- or no-cost leases for the land. Restrictions on resale prices of structures balance maintaining long-term affordability with providing buyers a minimum return on their housing investment.


University Hills, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA
Faculty housing at UCI was developed with the land held in trust by the University. Units are offered at reduced market prices in exchange for no title to underlying land asset and a set rate of appreciation upon sale established at a measure above a rising cost of living metric.

Santa Clara Housing Trust, Santa Clara, CA
Reduced market rate purchase prices are presented to first-time homebuyers earning between 60% – 99% AMI who have not owned a home in Santa Clara County in the last 3 years. At its inception, the housing trust received a $5 Million grant comprised of $1 Million from 5 different companies including Applied Materials, Inc. The Trust provides up to $6,500 in no-cost down payment assistance to the first time homebuyers who do not owe the amount to the trust until the home is sold or refinanced. The trust also provides financial vehicles to developers, offering acquisition loans, construction loans, debt service guarantees, and permanent financing. The trust aims to encourage development in proximity to the region’s existing job centers. Applied Materials has led as an example to other area corporations and its participation has allowed the trust to increase fundraising and grow its resources.

Cal State Fullerton University Gables