• for Residents and Home Buyers
  • for Public Officials
  • for Employers

Resources for Residents and Home Buyers

At the Housing Resources Center, Home Buyers find an introduction to financial tools designed for home purchase or renting. Various types of mortgage arrangements are explored, including Shared Appreciation Mortgages and Flexible Loans. Information on Home Buyer and Rental Assistance Programs is available, and Home Buyers can also learn about the regulations that affect home and rental quality, availability, and pricing.

  • Flexible Loans
  • Shared Appreciation Mortgage
  • 1st Time Buyer Program
  • Down Payment/Rental Assistance

Resources for Public Officials

Public Officials can use the Housing Resources Center to find information on housing development, land use regulation, and housing-related financial tools. Housing development requires private and public sector cooperation, and the Housing Resources Center offers information on Ground Leasing and Land Trusts, Public-Private Projects, and Employer Developed Housing, all tools available for Public Officials to use with the private sector.

Public Officials are also central players in the creation and modification of land use policy, and the Housing Resources Center showcases Flexible Zoning Regulations and Permitting Procedures to highlight opportunities for creative land use regulation. In order to combine housing development and land use regulation into successful housing, both developers and potential buyers and renters must see a profit: financial tools are the heart of housing development. The Housing Resources Center explores some of the most successful, such as Development Loans and Gap Financing, Tax Increment Financing, and Pre-development Acquisition Financing.

  • Tax Credits
  • Shared Appreciation Mortgage
  • Development Loans/GAP Financing/Tax Increment Financing
  • Pre-Development Acquisition Financing
  • State Funding Sources/State Funds
  • 1st Time Buyer Program
  • Down Payment/Rental Assistance
  • Flexible Zoning
  • Development Incentives
  • Flexible Permitting
  • Housing Overlay Zones
  • “Inclusionary” Zoning
  • Public-Private Projects
  • Site Re-use
  • Senior Housing/Special Purpose Housing
  • Multifamily Rehab
  • Ground Leasing and Land Trusts

Resources for Employers

Employers need qualified, talented employees. High housing costs can dissuade such employees from relocating to fill job vacancies and thus negatively impact the economy. The Housing Resources Center explores various tools available to Employers to help meet their demand for highly-skilled workers, including Employer Assisted Housing Programs, Shared Appreciation Mortgages, and Public-Private Projects. The private sector has much to gain from working with Home Buyers and Public Officials to address high housing costs.

  • Individual Development Accounts
  • Down Payment/Rental Assistance
  • Employer Assisted Housing Programs
  • Employer Developed Housing
  • Public-Private Projects
  • Ground Leasing and Land Trusts