Brief: The development of specially targeted housing products may be encouraged and incentivized to deliver affordable units to household groups that need particular amenities or access to public services.

Description: Low-income workers, disabled community members, or typical senior citizen or elderly residents, may have special needs beyond only the capability of meeting the demands of monthly rents. These groups require proximate access to public transportation, public services, and daily commercial amenities. For example, farm workers on a cost and time efficient basis need to live adjacent to rural job centers. This type of household requires a small but affordable housing product that will provide the ability to travel to employers dependent on their services.

Town Meadows, Visalia, CA
A High-rise senior housing product was constructed after the developer was granted parking variances reducing the number of required spaces, thereby decreasing construction costs. Smart Growth principles were considered, the project was located on an infill site with transit availability, on-site services, and nearby commercial and retail uses.

Farm Worker Housing, Patterson, CA
Housing duplexes provide space for farm workers and their families. The concentration of these units in one area allows for the locating of other services and park space within the same area.

Special Needs Transitional Cottages, Sacramento, CA
Constructed cottages using Tax Credits and RDA financing for special needs residents. Provided services on site for residents.


Dorado Senior Family Apartments