Senator Dianne Feinstein Dialogues with OCBC Leaders

Today, January 17, 2012, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-San Francisco) addressed 120 business, government and academia leaders at the Center Club in Costa Mesa at a luncheon led by OCBC Chair Julie Miller Phipps, Kaiser Permanente. On partisanship: Not only has Congress suffered legislative and policy gridlock, but dozens of federal appointments are held up. On intelligence: This is a bipartisan success story, streamlining processes, red teams and elimination of silos among intelligence agencies have produced excellent results. “We are definitely safer today than we were on 9-11,” said the Senator. The number one threat to the nation’s economy is cybersecurity – from general security systems, financial systems, electric grid, public works – this must be continuously addressed. On the nation’s and state’s economy: Two million homes are underwater in California out of 10 million nationally.  Congress is making legislative changes to help with low interest fixed rate mortgages and ease turning vacant homes into rental homes, but the California economy is dependent on homebuilding coming back, she said. CLICK HERE for the 2011 Projected Federal Outlays.

On water: A $6 to $7 billion water bond, defining practical ways to haul and store water from wet to dry years, plus, building a conveyance system for the state is more likely to pass muster with the voters, she said, than the current proposed $11 billion bond.  On the completion of SR 241 toll road: Camp Pendleton will not let it happen through the base and the road should just avoid the coastal zone, she said to much laughter in the room, as there is no way to complete the road and connect to SR 5 freeway without going through the coastal zone! Senator Feinstein was very interested in helping OC Supervisor Bill Campbell achieve some success moving the IRS to approving hybrid pension plans for local government, a national problem, and OCBC will continue to advocate business support for these innovative solutions.For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government Affairs.

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