Senator Harman and Assemblymember Wagner are CalChamber’s Job Creators!

OCBC is determined to ensure Orange County thrives and its voice is heard at the regional, state and national levels. To do this, OCBC leads a high profile advocacy program for business interests and issues, actively advocating on bills during the session, some comprising the Legislative Scorecard. Similarly, the California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) has issued its annual “Job Creators” bill list. While OCBC is not always in concurrence with the CalChamber, we do value their review of the hundreds of bills introduced each session and their identification of both “Job Killers” and “Job Creators” legislation. OCBC is pleased to recognize two members of the Orange County Legislative delegation, Senator Tom Harman and Assemblymember Don Wagner, who have authored “Job Creators” legislation:

Legal Reform

AB 2043 (Wagner; R-Irvine) Increases Class Action Fairness – Helps prevent meritless class actions by allowing defendants an equal right to appeal a court order granting certification of a class.

SB 1374 (Harman; R-Huntington Beach) Reliance on State Agencies’ Written Advice – Protects employers from inappropriate litigation by affirming they can rely upon the state government to provide them with information regarding how to comply with the law.

Regulatory Reform

AB 1982 (Wagner; R-Irvine) Provides Accountability for Expensive Regulation – Provides certainty and flexibility for businesses by extending the time frame when they are required to comply with new regulations.

Although OCBC would like to see more from OC’s delegation, no member of the delegation has drafted “Job Killer” legislation.  Hopefully none of our members turn to chasing SQUIRRELS!

OCBC will continue to review these lists and all the introduced bills to look for the legislative efforts that promote a pro-job and pro-business environment. And, continue to work with our government partners to enhance Orange County’s economic development and prosperity in order to preserve a high quality of life. For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President and Government and Community Affairs.

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