OCBC’S LEGISLATIVE SCORECARD IS RELEASED! OCBC took positions and advocated on behalf of several state bills that impacted the business community throughout California’s most recent legislative sessionSenator Huff best represented the business community’s key interests with a voting record of 92.3 percent on critical bills making him OCBC’s Legislator of the Year.  This year OCBC’s advocacy team celebrates better than a 70 percent kill rate on bad legislation and a 100 percent success rate on our sponsored legislation.  Of the bills tracked, OCBC’s Advocacy and Government Affairs committee identified 32 “scorecard bills” as the most critical to the regional business community. Above is a summary of how Orange County’s delegation ranks in order of support for OCBC positions on those select bills.  

Two critical successes during the legislative season were the defeat of onerous fuel reduction mandates in SB 350 (Reduction of Petroleum Use) and the defeat SB 32 (Green House Gas Reduction), both of which OCBC opposed due to the negative impact on the state’s recovering economy and jobs growth. 

Since 2013, OCBC has successfully sponsored three bills signed into law by the Governor. This year, OCBC sponsored bills included AB 596 (Common Interest Developments: annual budget report), and SB 288 (Public Schools: College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships). AB 596 is the fist-ever sponsored housing legislation by OCBC as part of its initiative to provide an affordable range of housing to all Orange County residents, and is a step toward opening up more affordable housing options for California’s first-time and veteran homebuyers. While SB 288 aims to close the STEM skills gap by streamlining college programs and increasing opportunities for higher education among high school students.  Throughout the year, OCBC also leveraged its advocacy efforts by working in coordination with other groups such as Cal Chamber and the Regional Economic Association Leadership Coalition (REAL Coalition) co-chaired by Carl Guardino of Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Lucy Dunn of OCBC.  Please CLICK HERE for summaries of the scorecard bills, and CLICK HERE for the scorecard. For more information, contact Bryan Starr, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs.

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