Thank you Senator Lou Correa for years of dedicated public service

During his eight years in the California Senate, Senator Lou Correa (D-34th Senate District) has faced countless decisions on topics that affect every Californian.  He has been a leader on matters of banking and finance, education, insurance, autism, mental health, victims’ rights, and international trade. As a result, Senator Correa was honored by more than 33 organizations representing a broad range of constituencies.  Notwithstanding these awards, a strong case can be made that his legacy in the legislature would be his work to improve the lives of veterans in California.  He has authored more than 25 individual pieces of legislation dedicated to veterans’ — benefitting the men and women that have bravely served our country.

On matters related to the business community, Senator Correa has stood by California business on controversial legislative matters on many occasions even against the leadership in his own caucus in order to do the right thing for jobs creation.  In the recent legislative session, Senator Correa voted against 75% of so-called “Job Killer” bills as designated by California Chamber of Commerce.  Additionally, Mr. Correa went against party lines no less than seven times on anti-business bills that originated in the Senate.  This kind of “line-in-the-sand” leadership on behalf of California business will be sorely missed when Senator Correa vacates his seat at the end of 2014.

Orange County Business Council President and CEO Lucy Dunn stated, “Senator Correa well-represented his district and Orange County.  His thoughtful leadership, advocacy and record of success will be sorely missed in the legislature.  Thank you for your outstanding service!” For more information, contact Bryan Starr, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs.

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