Think California’s Government is Broken? Here’s How You Can Help

Like Orange County Business Council, California Forward understands the importance of citizen involvement within every level of government. They are working to recapture California’s promise by collaborating with community leaders and individuals all over the state to put California back on the path towards success.

Your input and energy is needed. Watch the Path Forward video and share your vision for California . Also, sign up for California Forward’s mailing list and like them on Facebook to stay on top of California governance reform issues.

Ca Fwd is committed helping increase performance, accountability, and transparency in government by empowering local communities to find local solutions to their local problems. They plan to do this by moving resources from the state to a local community level while ensuring money is spent wisely. We believe that until the relationship between the state and local governments is fundamentally reformed, the state’s on-going budget crisis will never be fully resolved and our state’s government will continually be unable to function effectively.

Ca Fwd’s fiscal reform plan goes beyond balancing the budget and includes reforms that will stabilize this process and ensure transparency and accountability: such as pay-as-you-go, performance-based budgeting, and multi-year budgeting.

By working together we can help improve government accountability and transparency. For more information please contact Todd Priest at

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