Toshiba Honored for Assisting School: Corporate Social Responsibility at Work!

On September 1 the City of Anaheim celebrated Toshiba America’s generous donation of 44 laptops to a local school and library in Anaheim, Ponderosa Park and Ponderosa Elementary School Library. The laptops will provide students critical access to the newest technologies, helping to prepare them for the 21st-century global economy. Ponderosa Park and Ponderosa Elementary School Library represent a unique community partnership in the City of Anaheim. The park and school, although governed by two distinct government agencies, share in the use of the library. Toshiba America’s donation will allow school children at Ponderosa Elementary School to use the new library computers during school hours and the city will be able to offer adult computer classes in the evening to local residents. Toshiba is a world leader in the principles of corporate social responsibility and shared values that benefit both the company and the community. OCBC is honored to learn from Chris Harrington of Toshiba, a leader in strategic thinking.

Kris Murray, former OCBC Vice President of Government Affairs and current City of Anaheim Councilmember, contacted OCBC Board member and Toshiba’s VP of Strategy and Business Development Chris Harrington about the public private partnership, who met Murray’s proposal with enthusiasm and made the donation possible. President of Toshiba America, Mark Simons, was also in attendance and concluded the event with the ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling the new computer lab to the students and the community of Anaheim. For more information contact Alicia Berhow, Director of Workforce Development.

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