Vote This. Not That.

Jobs and the state of the economy are of high concern to the public at large and most likely your employees. They may find it helpful to learn about the business perspective on the ballot measures. Sharing this information is not the same as telling employees how to vote.

Remember to Vote
As you consider your choices on the June ballot, we want to share with you OCBC’s positions on the statewide ballot measures. Please don’t interpret this email as a message telling you how to vote. We are providing this information because the positions are based on the impact of the ballot measures on California’s economy and jobs climate.

Prop.    Position       Subject
28         Support       Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office
29         Oppose        Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research

CLICK HERE for more information on these ballot measures.

If you have concerns about communicating these positions to your employees, be assured that you are within your rights to do so – just remember: NO PAYCHECK STUFFERS, no coercion, no rewarding or punishing employees (or threatening to do so) for their political activities or beliefs.

For more guidelines on political communications to employees, see this brochure on CalChamber’s website. Note the distinction between internal communications (to employees, stockholders and their families) and communications to external audiences (such as non-stockholder retirees, outside vendors, customers, passersby).

For more information contact Kate Klimow, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs.

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