Did you know that right now, proposed state laws can be written behind closed doors by special interests and rushed through the legislative process within a matter of hours, leaving no time for proper review and input by the very people the laws impact? Sadly, this long-term practice at our State Capitol has resulted in bad public policy and unintended consequences for all Californians. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem: Proposition 54, which will appear on the November statewide ballot. Prop. 54 will not only ensure adequate time for consideration of legislation, it will also provide increased access to the legislative process for the people of our state. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to join support of this measure.

Proposition 54 will:

  • Require the Legislature to distribute and post online legislation in its final form for at least 72 hours before a final floor vote by either house.
  • Require the Legislature to post online a video record of every legislative meeting that is supposed to be open to the public.
  • Allow all individuals to create and share their own recordings of legislative proceedings.

Enactment of Prop. 54 will help ensure legislative proceedings are conducted fairly and openly, and enable the public to observe and share what is happening in the Legislature so citizens may more fully participate in the political process. No longer will proposed laws be rushed through the legislature without the ability of the public to know what is going on and weigh in on policy that impacts them. Prop. 54 supporters include the League of Women Voters of California, the California Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business/CA, Latin Business Association, California Common Cause, the California NAACP, the First Amendment Coalition, and the Planning and Conservation League, among many others.

To join in support of this measure to increase legislative transparency and to prevent flawed policy from being rushed through with no time for public input, CLICK HERE to learn more.  And remember to Vote Yes on 54 on November 8!

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