What a Difference a Day Makes

In the movie “Groundhog Day,” the lead character relives the same day over and over until he finally gets it right. When he realizes that the day has finally changed he says, “Something is… different.” “Good or bad?” he is asked. “Anything different is good.”

Today California has graduated from its endless loop of just discussing our water problem to actually taking action to solve our water problem. Today is different, today is good. Today marks a historical day for California as the State Legislature and the Governor came to resolution on a critically needed comprehensive water package – they are all to be applauded and congratulated for their hard work and efforts.

Is it a perfect package? No, but very little in this life is perfect and while we can quibble over certain aspects of certain bills, we do know that a comprehensive, balanced water solution was the only way a deal would get done. Not just because California’s environmental resources are at risk – but its very economic foundation as well.

Water is a critical element in every industry and particularly for bio-tech, manufacturing, agriculture, homebuilding and new green-tech. The single biggest threat facing businesses in California, outside of the existing economic crisis, is the lack of a reliable water supply. Business can’t plan for the future, can’t expand, and can’t survive if it isn’t sure that tomorrow’s water will be there.

After more than four years of discussion and debate, this state has now put into play a balanced framework for not only increased water reliability and eco-system restoration, but also much needed economic security.

There is more work to be done and voters still need to be persuaded. But the solutions outlined in the legislation for good policy and funding are a critical first steps in a long-term recovery effort. A sustainable water future is within reach, and with it comes the environmental and economic future we all want for California.

It’s finally a new day with something different for a change!

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